Dave and Kay Edling

The Edling Funeral Home has been serving families of all faiths since 1903, and has been in the Edling family for five generations. Our funeral home staff is ready to serve your family day or night.

Our funeral home provides traditional earth burials, graveside services, cremation services and memorial services. We also have a full line of custom caskets and urns available to select from.



Dave and Kay Edling, Owners

Dave Edling, Funeral Director

Sunset“Remember me with smiles not tears, for all the joy through all the years. Don’t dwell on thoughts that cause you pain, we’ll see each other once again. I am at peace, try to believe. It was my time, I had to leave. But “what a view” I have from here. I see your face, I feel you near. I follow you throughout the day, you’re not alone along the way. And when God calls you, you will be, right by my side…right here with me.”